Household solar roof system

Household Power Generation System

Relying on leading thin-film power generation technology, Hanergy has launched a family-oriented series of household power generation systems that install high-performance thin-film power generation modules on buildings with independent property rights and rooftops, converting sunlight into electricity for home use.


Technological advantages

  • Higher power generation

    Good performance under weak light and longer power generation hours
    Good performance under high temperature and stable conversion rate
    Low degradation rate

  • Safe and durable

    Windproof, thunder prevention, electric shock resistance and hail proof
    High-quality holder and professional PV cable
    Authoritative domestic and international certification
    Special inverter for thin film solar

  • More comprehensive service

    Three-year system warranty
    Five-year inverter warranty
    Ten-year module warranty
    25-year after-sale service

  • Intelligent cloud monitoring

    Hanergy's intelligent monitoring system “Han-Neng-Ren”is a new-type data collector that enables users to monitor power generation at home in real time through a mobile application. Users can know the status of the system at any time, and the operation is simple and convenient. The clear and complete data enables the power generation system to be a "health steward."

Systems on sale

  • System capacity(kWp)
  • 3.05.0
  • Real installed capacity(Wp)
  • 31505040
  • Number of cell modules(pcs.)
  • 5080
  • Module size(mm)
  • 1245*635
  • Cell type
  • SiGe three-junction cell
  • System capacity(kWp)
  • 3.05.0
  • Real installed capacity(Wp)
  • 31205460
  • Number of cell modules(pcs.)
  • 2442
  • Module size(mm)
  • 1300*1100
  • Cell type
  • Amorphous/micro-crystal dual-junction laminated cell
  • System capacity(kWp)
  • 3.05.0
  • Real installed capacity(Wp)
  • 36005400
  • Number of cell modules(pcs.)
  • 3045
  • Module size(mm)
  • 1190*790
  • Cell type
  • CIGS
  • System capacity(kWp)
  • 3.05.0
  • Real installed capacity(Wp)
  • 32905287.5
  • Number of cell modules(pcs.)
  • 2845
  • Module size(mm)
  • 1200*600
  • Cell type

Product series

PV cable
PV holder
PV combiner modules
PV combiner box
Apollo modules
PV combiner kit

Our Services

Distributors must abide by their service commitments for "lifelong maintenance, and three complete and eight free services."
  • Lifelong maintenance

    Lifelong maintenance:
    1.Products with quality or installation problems will have free replacement within the warranty period and enjoy maintenance with handling charges beyond the warranty period.
    2.For any problems caused by human-induced damage, maintenance is offered with a handling charge.
    3.Contract Law of China and Product Quality Law of China shall be observed.

  • Three completeservices

    1. All week service, 7x13.5 hours
    2.All year service - 365 days
    3.All-around service:consultation, survey, design, installation, debugging, grid-connection, maintenance and annual testing.

  • Eight free services

    1.Free design (systematic solution)
    2.Free delivery (logistics)
    3.Free installation (system)
    4.Free debugging (system)
    5.Free maintenance (within warranty period)
    6.Free consultation (product and policy)
    7.Free training (use and maintenance)
    8.Free hotline (consultation)

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