Hantile, the next-generation roof tile launched by Hanergy, meets the aesthetic needs of modern architecture with its highly efficient clean power generation and high safety performance. Made with dual-layer laminated packaging technology, Hantile embeds Hanergy's CIGS flexible thin-film solar cells into the highly light-transmitting glass, thus ensuring seamless integration with the roof. Two features—91.5% light transmittance and 17.5% conversion rate at the production level—enable Hantile conversion of solar energy into electricity, bringing both economic benefits and an aesthetically appealing appearance. It is an upgrade from the current distributed solar energy product and traditional roof tile. Its growing prevalence will accelerate the replacement of fossil fuels by renewables.

Product highlights
  • Appealing and fashionable design

    Perfectly fit in the roof
    Better architecture quality

  • Super waterproof

    Double waterproof design to ensure super waterproof

  • Easy installation

    User-friendly design
    Installation takes only two hours

  • Smart and efficient power generation

    Innovative power utilization model
    Environment-friendly to smog alleviation

  • High cost-performance ratio

    Replacing traditional tiles
    Enjoying power generation revenue

  • Systemic matching

    Stable power generation system,real-time monitoring to ensure safe

  • Lifetime warranty

    Hanergy’s all-around service ensures worry-free use

  • A potential RMB 100 billion market

    Cooperate with Hanergy
    to explore the huge market

Product design reference
  • Cell type
  • Power(W)
  • Length(mm)
  • Width(mm)
  • Thickness(mm)
  • Weight(kg)
  • Colors
    Black, gray
  • Cell type
  • Power(W)
  • Length(mm)
  • Width(mm)
  • Thickness(mm)
  • Weight(kg)
  • Colors
    Black, gray
Our Services
Customer inquiry
Product introduction
Introduction to the process
Investment estimation
Roof survey
On-site roof measurements, shading analysis and professional installation advice
Systemic design
Systematic product design solution ensures of the building-integrated rooftop system.
Applying for grid-connection
Go through grid-connection formalities with our help
Budget analysis
Calculate Hantile rooftop investment and estimate annual earnings and ROI.
Provide accessories
Carefully select electrical equipment and accessories for system and efficiency
On-site construction
Professional construction team
Standard brick construction
Well-established customer service philosophy
Data monitoring
The Hanergy Energy Monitoring System (Hanergy EMS) monitors the Hantile system in real time.
After-sale service
All-round after-sale service ensures your worry-free use.
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