Stay Connected with Power-generation Paper



Adoption of CIGS thin-film solar chips that efficiently convert solar energy into electric power will help to charge your mobile devices and remove your anxiety and worries about power failure. Lightweight, flexible and easy to carry, it is an authentic “black technology” solar product.

Constant Power from High-efficiency Solar Energy

The solar power paper adopts high-efficiency flexible CIGS thin-film solar chips to convert solar energy into electric power at a high rate.
Stay connected even when commercial power is running out by taking the 12W solar power paper with 5,000-mAh high-quality lithium battery energy storage module.

Split Design for Recharging Anytime, Anywhere

The product adopts a 2-in-1 design where power generation module and storage module can be combined with a magnetic interface for stable connection and can be split easily for independent use. The energy storage module can be used separately as a power bank.
Flexible for both separate or integrated modes, the product allows recharging with both solar and commercial electricity while supporting wireless recharge, day and night.

Portable and Light as Paper

A 170g “magic” piece for power storage plus a 2mm "magic" thin module for power generation.
Durable under pressure, portable for just one palm, and easy to use for travel.

Stylish Piece with Attractive Appearance

Digital Gray or Carmine, palleted fashion for your savvy choice.
Simple design for craftsmanship aesthetic.
Elite, distinctive style adds to your self-confidence.

Product Specifications