Solar power for road use

Solar Power For Road Use 


Krommeie, about 10 kilometers from Amsterdam, is home to the world's first Solar Road. It’s a 70-meter long and two-meter wide cycling road that can generate power. It has attracted world attention since its construction in November 2014. In 2016, the solar cycling road saw new progress. On October 17, 2016, PowerFlexTM modules from Hanergy's subsidiary GSE were installed to extend the original 70 meters.

Hanergy GSE's PowerFlex ™ components adopt Hanergy's highly efficient CIGS thin-film power generation technology. The components advantages include high conversion, being lightweight, slimness and flexibility, as well as maintaining solid performance under high temperature and weak light, and are suitable for the maritime climate of the Netherlands. China's Hanergy applied thin-film power generation technology to the solar bike lanes in the Netherlands, a feat regarded as fusing thin-film power generation technology with day-to-day living.