Emergency solar power bank

Emergency Solar Power Bank

Enabler Series pb-345wh


Safe, environmentally friendly, exceptional performance, long endurance, fully powered, 220V/12V/5V direct current output, 

a great choice for mobile power during travel, emergency use and outdoor activities.

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Always Movable, Quick Assembling and Disassembling

500W/345W power supply, 220V, 12V, 5V output, solar power/external power source, 100W modules, compatible with 50/100W solar paper charger.


A smart life is within your reach 

Intelligent mode: unique intelligent CPU control mode, button-controlled outputs. 
Simple design: electric quantity and power output uses led screen display, visually friendly.
Standby power supply: a unique standby power system supporting AC, DC5V, DC12V at the same time.
Light and portable: lightweight, small size, thin product, large capacity, 1/10 the weight of similar products and 1/20 the volume. 
Correct sine wave: AC output using a modified sine wave, able to supply power to inductive load devices.
Load more: the lithium battery will be applied to an outdoor emergency power system and load power can be as high as 1000W. 

Full Protection

Over-current Protection  •  Overpower Protection  •  Over-discharge Protection  •  Under-voltage Protection  •   Over-charge Protection

Compatible to most electrical appliance in the market
Compatible devices: desktop computers, laptops, LCD TVs, fans, energy-saving lamps AC220V, electrical products under 500W.
Product parameters
  • Model
    ES-500A ES-500B ES-500C
  • Battery capacity
    12V41AH(453WH) 12V31AH(345WH) 12V26AH(288WH)
  • Output Power
    rated: 500W, maximum: 1000W
  • Input voltage
    AC 110V ~ 220V 50/60Hz, solar and wind power DC 18-36V input, vehicle 12V input, without controller. 
  • Output Voltage
    220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
  • DC output
    12V/4A four, USB 5V/2A four
  • LED light
    1W, maximum 3W
  • Solar power charging
    18V 100W
  • Charging in the car
    12V output, 24V forbidden Output waveform
  • Output waveform: pure sine wave
  • Power failure reaction time
    ≤ 5 ms
  • Overload
    AC output disconnected when overload, red indicator light up, disconnected, restarting and recovery
  • Short circuit
    AC output disconnected after short circuit, load disconnected, restarting and recovery
  • Lithium battery
    service life of more than 500 times
  • Weight
    net weight: 3.0 kg, with packaging: 3.5kg
  • Size
  • Color
    yellow (customized with multiple choices)
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