Equipment Manufacturing

Equipment Manufacturing
Alta Devices Technology

Using a metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) process developed by Hanergy independently, Alta Devices produces cell modules by growing a thin layer of GaAs on top of a single crystal GaAs wafer.

In contrast with other MOCVD processes, it consists of the following:
• Critical hardware design—a spray header for MOCVD equipment, which is based on the gas distribution system, that can effectively improve gas utilization rates and ensure the growth rate and evenness of film layers.
• Based on a unique rapid heating and cooling system, which allows for 2-3 times the growth in production capacity thanks to the rapid heating and cooling of the wafer.
• The core elements are the removal of a large thin-film layer via an epitaxial lift-off (ELO) process for the reuse of a GaAs substrate and the high throughput metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technology, making Alta Devices the only GaAs thin-film technology company in the world that is able to put the technology into industrial applications.
• Alta Devices has developed a production line technology with independent intellectual property rights. The MOCVD, ELO, and Matrix equipment involving unique manufacturing techniques is all designed and developed by Alta Devices independently.
• Alta Devices owns 192 patents. 

The innovative VPE technology lifts epitaxial layers off a GaAs wafer, which accomplishes the reuse of the wafer and thus remarkably cuts down the cost. 
• Grows epitaxial thin-film layers on a GaAs wafer by using a unique technique. Use physical vapor deposition and electrochemical deposition techniques to produce metal electrodes for collecting electric currents generated by a photovoltaic effect. Reuse a wafer with a lift-off technique of epitaxial layers. The laser cutting technique helps form thin-film cells. Array configuration connects the cells to finalize a GaAs thin-film cell array that meets customers' needs.