Equipment Manufacturing

Equipment Manufacturing
MiaSolé Technology

Having a R&D team of 220 overseas professionals led by Dr. Atiye Bayman with an average of over 15 years of experience in the R&D and mass production of semi-conductors and photovoltaics, MiaSolé currently owns 173 patents registered in countries and regions such as the US, Europe, mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, India, and Spain. All patents are invention patents. There are more than 400 technology transfer and R&D professionals inside China.
MiaSolé's technical advantages 
• The world’s only CIGS one-stop automatic coiling magnetron sputtering coating system. It can complete the deposition of films for CIGS cells in vacuum conditions. A stainless steel substrate of eight kilometers long and one-meter-wide can be used once to produce 1.2MW of films.
• Unique in-situ selenide technique and CdS sputtering coating technique shatters the yield rate and high costs ceilings of CIGS production.
• Exclusive three-sided rotating comminuting and sputtering techniques; and rapid technique development.
• Takt time less than 60 minutes; shortest R&D and manufacture cycle among the industry, 5% or less of normal takt time;
• Environmentally friendly technique with no waste water or gas, featuring low energy consumption and meeting national environmental requirements;
• The world’s only CIGS one-stop automatic coiling magnetron sputtering coating system;
• Continuous growth of all thin-film layers in both atmospheric and vacuum conditions;
• Better pollution control; less environmental requirements;
• 10 growth chambers with a capacity for over 40 target materials;
• The techniques are integrated into one piece of equipment, which enables good controllability and easy duplication;
• In-situ selenylation and CdS sputter growth exceed the yield rate of traditional CIGS techniques and break through the bottleneck of cost, and thus are more environmentally friendly.

The Industrial Key Generic Technology Development Guide 2015 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology notes that “the R&D of CIGS cells production, especially the large-scale continuous roll-to-roll production technique, must be supported.” All the techniques are done by MiaSolé modules in one piece of equipment, with zero wastewater discharge, zero emissions, and remarkably low energy consumption. Currently, the equipment manufacturing technology has been localized and put into mass production, cutting the cost by half.