Stay Connected with Power-generating Backpack


Born in the age of mobile Internet, Solartank Fashion Backpack is much more than a bag, but an energy collector that instantly responds to your urgent need of recharging electronic devices with the edge-cutting solar power technology. Edgy and masculine, chic and attractive, the backpack is designed to lead a technological, fashionable, creative mobile lifestyle.

Stay Adventurous with Solar Power

CIGS flexible thin-film solar chip, endorsed by authentic “black technology”;
Collecting power drop by drop anytime and anywhere, the backpack stores energy up to 5,000mAh, preparing you for a hard fight at any time;
Optional for either solar or conventional recharge, wave goodbye to the traditional power bank.

Hard Shell for an Urban Hero

With the Eva hard shell material, no worries about the backpack looking hollow or creeping down your hips when empty;
Eva shell is high-strength, impact-resistant, water-proof and wear-resistant, better protecting your digital devices;
Specially designed shoulder-strap USB interface for recharging or discharging leaves you worry-free about twining wires.

Interstellar Light for Awesome DIY Experience

Customize your LED ultra-low power cold light panel ensures a safe and distinct cycling at night;
DIY anything you want with the compatible shoulder-strap USB to a variety of loads—a small fan or a small night light, for example;
Shine with its sports tech appearance and a perfect balancing of fluorescent and dark colors.

Product Specifications

Product modelHZ-M007K11C

Chip typeCIGS

Solar chip power7.17W

Peak output5V/2A

Battery capacity5,000mAh

Output interfaceUSB Type-A




ColorBlack Beehive, Interstellar Blue, Bronze Green