Stay Connected with Power-generating Backpack


Born in the age of mobile Internet, Narci Fashion Backpack is much more than a bag, but an energy collector that instantly responds to your urgent need of recharging electronic devices with the edge-cutting solar power technology. The simple and casual design offers an essential feeling for street snap, inspiring a technological, fashionable, creative mobile lifestyle.

Stay Shiny with Solar Power

CIGS flexible thin-film solar chip, endorsed by authentic “black technology”;
Dropwise power storage up to 5,000mAh, stable recharging, smooth talking over the phone and staying online for selfies or interacting with friends anytime;
Optional for either solar or conventional recharge, wave goodbye to the traditional power bank.

Chic and Neat, an Eye- Catcher on Street

A minimalist and casual design by the French crossover designer Alex;
An eye-catcher in street snaps paletted on Colored-flags, Kaleidoscope and Red Pony;
An ideal combination of deep-colored solar chips and stylish hues.

Easy and Light, Shopping Bestie of Delight

Only 587g, the lightweight solar backpack is no load for your back, stylish for your outfit, and easy for shopping all day;
Comfortable and convenient with the specially designed shoulder-strap USB interface for recharging or discharging as well as a power display.

Product Specifications

Product modelHZ-M007K11C

Chip typeCIGS

Chip power6.14W

Peak output5V/2A

Battery capacity5,000mAh

Output interfaceUSB Type-A




ColorsColored-flags, Kaleidoscope, Red Pony