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  • 201906-05
    Hanergy impresses and inspires the 2019 SNEC with leading contribution to the new height of the PV sector
  • 05-27
    Hanergy is invited to take part in the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and Mission Innovation (MI) Ministerial
  • 05-25
    Hanergy’s HanWall receives the EU CE-DoP certificate and the Chinese CCC certificates while passing the INMETRO testing of Brazil
  • 05-24
    Hanergy attends the Intersolar Europe in Munich with its full profile of advanced products
  • 05-19
    Stakeholders of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group vote and pass the planned SPV share replacement arrangements
  • 05-14
    Hanergy inks strategic cooperation agreement with USGBC to jointly promote the development of power-generating buildings
  • 05-10
    Hanergy joins hands with NASA again by providing solar cells for 60 ThinSats
  • 05-09
    Hanergy collaborates with Greenland Group on high-end green residence development, planning to develop China’s first green ecology villa project in Chizhou
  • 04-26
    Hanergy signs RMB200million thin-film solar product purchase agreement with Shenzhen Pengcheng New Energy Technology
  • 04-17
    Hanergy completes the Clean Energy Rooftop Exhibition Center in Australia
  • 04-08
    Hanergy attends the 15th International Conference on Green Building & High Efficiency and New Technologies and Products Expo, kicking off the era of power-generating buildings with thin-film solar technology
  • 03-22
    Thin-film solar modules are applied on light-weight steel roof of the New Zealand Airforce Base
  • 03-22
    Hanergy products wins the iF Gold Award 2019
  • 03-21
    March 21, sign distribution power project energy management agreement with FAW to create high-end energy-saving industrial community;
  • 03-18
    March 18, contribute to the completion of the largest thin-film solar park in Groningen of Netherlands;
  • 03-06
    March 6, franchisee Hong Kong Tiandi Green Energy as General Distributor in Hong Kong and sign a first procurement contract of 100million yuan for thin-film solar power products;
  • 02-25
    January 25, refresh the Chinese record again for SHJ thin-film cells with its champion cell conversion rate reaching 24.23%;
  • 02-12
    February 12, complete the HanWall project with ARM IoT Smart City Innovation Center in Hefei of Anhui Province;
  • 01-14
    January 14, receive the world's first TÜV certificate for integrated management system in the thin-film solar industry;
  • 201809-29
    HanWall Launching Conference marks a milestone in the history of the global ecological building industry.
  • 09-12
    Hanergy is honored the 2018 Award for Green Progress at the high-level dialogue of the energy sector hosted by
  • 09-11
    Hanergy signs contract with Acalie of Japan to supply 10,000 pieces of Humbrella.
  • 09-07
    Hanergy thin film power series products win gold award at the Creative International Innovation Festival 2018.
  • 09-07
    Hanergy signs a sales contract worth RMB 900 million yuan with Forest Global Stage (FGS) of Japan.
  • 09-03
    Hanergy’s Night is celebrated in Sao Paulo of Brazil, marking a powerful debut into Latin America.
  • 08-30
    Hanergy announces its interim statements, highlighting a 615% robust growth of revenue year on year up to HKD 20,415,000,000 yuan, with a net profit of HKD 7,329,000,000 yuan increased by 30 time year on year.
  • 08-23
    Hanergy sets half of the eight highest solar cell efficiency records in China, according to the 2018 China Renewable Energy Conference.
  • 08-22
    The first batch of HanTile demonstration projects of Tongren Yunshe is landed and ready for grid integration,
  • 08-08
    Thin-film solar roof of the CITIC Tower is honored the first prize among the excellent distribution energy projects in China.
  • 08-01
    Hanergy announces latest update on trade resumption: make interim arrangements according to the delisting amendment to the listing rules of the HKEX.
  • 07-28
    Hanergy joins hands with other five partners to create the first passive super low energy consumption project for demonstration.
  • 07-26
    Hanergy signs a pre-purchase contract with Integra Energy Group of Australia.
  • 07-23
    Hanergy hails the official landing of its first bus PV solution in Norway.
  • 07-20
    Hanergy shows up with thin film power products at the Shanghai International Green Architecture and Construction Materials Expo 2018.
  • 07-19
    Hanergy’s thin film power flexible modules are equipped to Dutch highway crash barriers.
  • 07-18
    Hanergy initiates the “Light Africa” commonweal project in Tanzania with luring mobile energy solutions for Africa.
  • 07-11
    Hanergy shows up at the 2018 Guangzhou Construction Material Expo, leading the new trend for ecological construction materials.
  • 07-10
    Hanergy brings its innovative thin film power products to the Intersolar North America.
  • 06-29
    Hanergy shows up at the Intersolar Europe 2018, drawing international attention with its mobile energy strategy.
  • 06-29
    According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Alta Devices’ single-junction solar cell breaks the world’s record with a 28.9% conversion efficiency.
  • 06-28
    Hanergy amazes all at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai for a looming mobile future.
  • 06-27
    Hanergy’s product series marvels all at the Intersolar Europe 2018 in Munich, Germany.
  • 06-27
    Hanergy delivers its first batch of CIG sputtering target produced by the demonstration factory in Quanzhou of Miasolé Advanced Equipment Group, a landmark for localizing the production and sales of Hanergy’s CIG target materials.
  • 06-27
    The first 36kW HanTile pilot project in Europe is completed in Sweden.
  • 06-19
    The CITIC Tower adopts Hanergy’s Solibro thin film power modules on its roof.
  • 06-15
    Hanergy’s thin film power technology is honored the Best of CES Asia Award.
  • 06-13
    Hanergy launches its HanPaper and HanBag products at the CES Asia in Shanghai, symbolizing its pledge for consumer electronics.
  • 06-08
    Hanergy helps to create solar smart delivery vehicles.
  • 05-23
    The first smart bus station equipped with MiaSolé thin film power successfully lands in Dali of Yunnan Province.
  • 05-18
    HanTile passes the UL safety certification, marking the official entry into the north American market.
  • 05-15
    Hanergy lands two thin film power projects in HongKong, namely the MARKBOX project in Pat Heung of Yuen Long and Sha Tau Kok Farmland project in Sha Tau Kok of New Territory respectively.
  • 04-27
    Hanergy hosts the “Light Africa” commonweal project with encouraging mobile energy solutions.
  • 04-21
    HanTile is honored the Top Innovation Award at the 2018 World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC).
  • 04-15
    Hanergy launches the new-generation single-glass HanTile products on its 2018 new series launching conference themed as “Disruptive Innovation for Ecological Architecture”.
  • 04-04
    Hanergy announces latest update on trade resumption: meet the two essential conditions for the resumption, expand business model successfully, diversify the sources of income, and make every effort in the trade resumption as soon as possible.
  • 03-27
    Hanergy announces its 2017 annual report.
  • 03-21
    Hanergy enters into strategic agreement with FAW, to equip future HONGQI limos with Hanergy thin film power roofs.
  • 03-16
    The low-speed EV jointly developed by Hanergy and Ruiyi EV debuts on Shandong International Vehicle Exhibition.
  • 02-04
    Hanergy was honored “Top 10 Green Energy Brands 2017” at China Energy Media and PR Conference.
  • 01-20
    Hanergy was included into the second batch of energy efficiency top-runner enterprises released by the National center for Schooling Development Programme of the Ministry of Education.
  • 01-17
    Hanergy completes the first domestically developed and designed thin-film power road project “HanRoad” in China.
  • 01-15
    Hanergy is highlighted at the World Future Energy Summit Abu Dhabi
  • 201712-15
    Hanergy partners with BAIC BJEV to develop applications for thin film solar technology
  • 08-23
    Hanergy and Audi sign MOU on strategic cooperation in thin film solar cell technology
  • 07-29
    Hanergy releases Hantile to snatch construction material market share
  • 02-28
    A number of portable thin-film solar products are released: thin-film solar paper charger, solar charger bag, solar charger backpack, energy storage lamp and small-scale off-grid power generation system
  • 02-07
    A fully solar-powered boat developed with thin-film power generation technology is completed for use in the Amazon River basin in South America
  • 01-23
    The Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong sets out two requirements for a resumption of Hanergy Thin Film’s shares on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
  • 01-09
    The total-area conversion rate of Solibro Hi-Tech GmbH’s CIGS champion module (glass substrate) improves to 16.97%
  • 201612-30
    Hanergy's technology is included in the Beijing Green Building Application Technology Promotion Catalog
  • 09-21
    An agricultural chemical company in Yancheng, Jiangsu completes construction of a 1MW thin-film rooftop power station
  • 09-04
    Hanergy becomes the sole PV supplier for the G20 Hangzhou summit
  • 08-30
    Over 20,000 orders for residential solar systems have been sold
  • 08-30
    Hanergy has carried out PV poverty alleviation work in more than 20 provinces, and engaged in about 40 PV alleviation projects at county and city levels, with a signed installed capacity surpassing 150MW
  • 08-30
    MiaSolé completes the development of a module of over 1kW, the first in the industry
  • 08-30
    over 20,000 orders for residential solar systems have been sold
  • 08-30
    After the upgrade of Solibro's production lines, the production capacity of the CIGS co-evaporation equipment is increased by 50%, improving average mass production conversion efficiency by 0.8%
  • 07-02
    Thin-film power generation technology is successfully applied to the R&D of fully solar-powered vehicles
  • 05-18
    Launches PV agricultural application solutions
  • 04-27
    The efficiency of Alta Devices's GaAs thin-film double-junction cell further improves, reaching 31.6%
  • 03-18
    Launches the Gold Roof Project
  • 01-26
    MiaSolé's CIGS modules receive IEC and UL certification
  • 201512-31
    The development model for household systems of distributor marketing sees positive results. During the year, Hanergy Thin Film has contracted with more than 1,300 distributors in total, of which core distributors accounted for more than 90%. As of the date of the Annul results, accumulated placement of orders for the Group’s mainland residential systems exceed 7,100 sets
  • 11-18
    The first PV irrigation station is built in Xichang, Sichuan
  • 11-12
    Enters into the nation’s first agricultural partnership in Zhengzhou, Henan
  • 08-09
    Guangdong CSR 3.5MW thin-film power generation project formally gets grid connected and begins operation
  • 06-30
    Enters into agreements with Yunfu and Foshan Poverty Alleviation Offices on PV poverty alleviation
  • 06-01
    Alta Devices completes strategic customer orders
  • 03-22
    Initiates recruitment of residential solar system distributors
  • 02-27
    Enters into a 600 MW BIPV production line equipment sales contract and a Service Contract with Shandong Macrolink New Resources Technology Limited
  • 01-30
    Acquisition of Alta Devices
  • 201412-24
    Enters into a Sales Agreement about 5 ground-mounted solar power stations with Beijing Hongsheng Photovoltaic Industry Investment Fund (Limited Partnership)
  • 09-13
    Becomes the “Exclusive Solar Energy Partner of the Beijing Race of FIA Formula E.”
  • 07-18
    Acquires MiaSolé’s production line for the purpose of the R&D of CIGS thin-film technology
  • 06-16
    Enters into a Cooperation Agreement with the Aston MartinRaces
  • 06-05
    Enters into strategic cooperation with Sojitz Corporation
  • 06-01
    Enters into a 10MW PV Energy Management Contract with FAW-Volkswagen
  • 05-27
    Enters into a 17MW PV Energy Management Contract with Guangqi Honda
  • 05-01
    Solibra’s CIGS thin-film cell achieves a conversion efficiency of 21.0%
  • 04-22
    Custom-designs and manufactures PV supercharger stations for US electric vehicles manufacturer Tesla
  • 04-04
    Solibro’s CIGS thin-film solar cell achieves a conversion efficiency of 20.5%
  • 04-02
    Launches 400MW thin-film power plant project in Ghana, Africa with a total investment of about USD 1.1 billion
  • 02-10
    Acquires Hanergy Solar UK
  • 201312-16
    Solibro’s module and cell achieve a conversion efficiency of 15.5% and 19.6%, respectively
  • 12-12
    Acquires all CIGS thin-film patents and technology from Global Solar
  • 10-28
    Launches a 19MW thin-film power plant project in the USA with planned use of thin-film power modules
  • 10-07
    An independent research institute in Germany confirms that Solibro’s CIGS thin-film power technology achieved an efficient area conversion rate of 18.7%
  • 09-18
    Acquires all intellectual property pertaining to CIGS thin-film power technology from MiaSolé at a total price of RMB350 million (equivalent to approximately HK$444.5 million)
  • 09-02
    Acquires all intellectual property of CIGS thin-film power technology and Solibro Research AB (a CIGS technology R&D company based in Sweden) from Solibro at a total price of RMB 280 million (equivalent to approximately HK $352.8 million)
  • 06-10
    Announces the Fab 2.0 Program, an upgrade Si-Gi production line program that could substantially reduce total production costs by approximately 9% on a per-watt basis, and announces development of an updated packaging technology which significantly enhances the reliability and useful life of thin-film modules
  • 01-09
    Enters into agreement with an independent third-party seller to acquire a project at the third phase of a 1,050kW solar power plant in the USA, representing the Company’s first major investment in the solar power market in the USA
  • 201212-28
    Enters into certain lease agreements to lease equipment, materials, facilities, places and a R&D production line for use by the Chengdu Research & Development Centre
  • 12-20
    Enters into a technology transfer agreement to purchase five thin-film power generation patents
  • 12-14
    Develops a new PECVD process, enhancing output of a single PECVD by approximately 61.8%; and reduces thin-film module production costs by approximately 9% on a per-watt basis and increases output by 50%
  • 07-01
    A new operational processing method is developed for our triple-tandem Si-Ge thin-film module production line, reducing processing gas costs by approximately 17.5% and total direct material costs by approximately 12.7% on a per-watt basis
  • 04-11
    Enters into a master supply agreement for the supply of thin-film PV modules by Hanergy Holding