About Us
  • Marketing position 2
    Big Customer CEO/President
    1, Set up and manage a large customer marketing team • Expand government and market resources, flexibly use policies and regulations to carry out business cooperation;
    2. Formulate and implement strategies and plans for major client development and fulfill the goal of major client development;
    3. Fully tap the PV industry market, focusing on large-project cooperation opportunities;
    4. Expand cooperation among related industries and achieve cross-industry sales;
    5. Develop and implement effective marketing plans and programs to achieve sales targets;
    6. Effectively manage contract targets and promote project construction and delivery; 
    7. Periodically review team sales performance and manage marketing expenses. 
    1. Bachelor degree or above, 10 years of major client management;
    2. Director of major client or strategic customer department from a well-known large-scale company(s) in the fields of electricity, photovoltaic, new energy, solar thermal, wind power, welding power, co-generation, high equipment, building materials, military, glass curtain wall, BIPV, architectural design, as well as mobile energy applications such as for a vehicle or boat;
    3. Possessing related resources regarding major client marketing or architecture industry.  
  • Marketing position
    Senior business development manager
    1. Responsible for connecting all departments of the company to ensure smooth communication and obtain the corresponding resources and support;
    2. Assist CEO to track projects of overseas companies, explore opportunities, monitor and implement projects;
    3. Technical and project kick off meetings and technical exchanges with domestic and foreign clients;
    4. Responsible for studying customer needs, and delivering product lines from the headquarters and responding to customer solutions;
    5. Cooperate with CEO to handle external customer relationship development, maintenance and sales opportunity acquisition, and provide guidance for customer solutions and after-sales service;
    6. Actively report to the supervisor all project information such as project progress and changes. When the project is completed, it is necessary to write a summary and produce relevant documentation.
    1. Bachelor degree or above (overseas education background is preferred);
    2. Possessing certain understanding of the photovoltaic industry, overseas project negotiation experience;
    3. Excellent oral and written English skills, with CET-6 or TEM-4 certificate;
    4. Possessing actual experience in overseas projects.