Project picture
Project name:Meizhou electric bus station shed
Location:Meizhou, Guangdong province
Date of completion:June 2015
Installed capacity:140kW

The Meizhou PV bus parking shed project makes full use of an existing bus station yard, constructing distributed power stations at the Meijiang bus terminus, bus terminal on Kedu Jincheng Avenue and bus terminal in Nankou among other bus stations. The project covers an area of 60,000 square meters, with a total investment of 120 million yuan. The installed capacity is 5MW. It is estimated that the average power generation will be 6.2 million kWh per year. It can provide green energy as well as shelter against rain and wind.  

This project is designed and constructed by Meizhou City PV Energy Co., Ltd., using Hanergy's thin-film power generation system. After the completion of the project, 2,480 tons of standard coal will be saved, and there will be a reduction of 6,180 tons of carbon dioxide and 94 tons of nitrogen oxide (NOX), equivalent to 290,000 trees planted. This is another livelihood project of "low carbon for green travel" in Meizhou City.