Project picture
Project name:Jingpeng Jinfeng PV smart greenhouse project
Location:Yizhuang, Beijing
Installed capacity:71 kW
Annual power output:about 66,474 kWh

Jinfeng PV Smart Greenhouse is a smart, ecological and energy saving house integrating PV,. It covers an area of 7.8 mu (0.52 hectare). It applies advanced thin-film PV technology, modern agricultural facilities, leading soil-free cultivation technology, and cutting-edge greenhouse automation control management technology. The project complies with China’s "12th Five-year Plan", aimed at building an economic and technological experimental platform for promoting the integration of agricultural modernization and new energy technologies. 

The smart greenhouse has a total construction area of 3,456 square meters, on the top of which the installed capacity of thin-film PV panels are 71.28kW. It has an annual power generation more than 73,000 kWh and is connected to a smart micro-grid, realizing power generation for self-use.