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Hanergy garners unprecedented response from International Energy Ministers for i

Hanergy garners unprecedented response from International Energy Ministers for its innovative thin-film solar product, Humbrella


October 18th,Suzhou –The world’s largest thin-film power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (, recently attended the first Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China and received unprecedented responses from international Energy Ministers for its innovative solar product, Humbrella.

The one-of-its-kind 2-day Conference on “Building the Belt and Road Energy Partnership” that was organized from October 18-19 saw over 300 guests’ participation including ministers of energy administrations and innovative solar solutions across the countries that are leading the Belt and Road Initiative.

The conference discussed and pondered upon varied issues such as; Belt and Road Energy Partnership as a New Engine for Global Energy Development; Energy Investment Facilitation; Future Energy; and Unimpeded Trade of Energy Commodity. More Importantly, the conference was aimed at sensitizing the international organizations on the issues pertaining to Building Belt and Road energy partnership, and creating the routes of global energy changes.

Hanergy’s participation at the conference was a highlight of the two-day event as it showcased its innovative thin-film solar product, Humbrella which was very well received by International Energy Ministers from the countries leading the Belt and Road Initiative. At the conference, Hanergy apprised the representatives from significant international companies of the par-excellence capabilities of its world's first multifunctional umbrella based on flexible thin-film solar power technology and showed the world how mobile energy could change our future lives.

Not only does Humbrella covert sunlight and rain, but also generates electricity for lighting or charging purposes. Further, its demonstration at the conference attracted a lot of guests to take the trial and understand the utility of this marvel of a product.

Taking note of Humbrella at the conference, Mr. U Win Khaing, Union Minister for Myanmar Electricity and Energy said, “It’s for the first time, I`ve heard of a solar powered umbrella, and its undoubtedly a very unique concept. To my mind, I always thought solar panels are huge and heavy, but Humbrella is the exact opposite. I`m really looking forward to introducing Hanergy`s products into my country.”

Likewise, after having learned that Humbrella can charge electronic devices from the solar power gathered in the daytime, Mr. Adnan Amin, the Director General of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) took the trial of Humbrella by charging his phone. Amazed by Humbrella`s multi-features and par-excellence capabilities he said, “This kind of mobile energy will be very useful in some remote areas where the public power grid system is less developed.”

Dr. Khammany Inthirath, Lao Minister of Energy and Mines said, “It`s very difficult at times to charge the phone while you are on the go or when you’re at the open spaces, like beach or a huge park, and Malls. Humbrella, in such scenarios will be very useful. I believe there`s big potential market for Humbrella.”

Humbrella`s showcase at the conference is in-line with Hanergy`s latest initiative of “Experiencing Humbrella at Embassies” that started from early October, and aims to promote the idea of using solar power with more electricity deprived countries and regions. Ambassadors from Congo, Uganda and South Africa experienced Humbrella and shared the great feedback of the product.